Wine Tourism For Wine Lovers

Welcome to the birth of a new way to travel. Enotourism, or Wine Tourism refers to tourism whose focus is on tasting or purchasing wine at a vineyard or winery.

Explore & Discover New Wineries

Are you looking for new adventures? Consider a winery visit! We have recognized the growing demand for local travel and exploration, and we would like to help you navigate the options.

Start Planning Your Wine Tastings

Day/weekend getaway, girls trip, or looking for something to do, 360Cuvee can help you plan your winery itinerary. Easy as finding your starting and ending point and visiting wineries on your route.

Top Wine Tourism Destinations

Learn about the hospitality, wine quality and fun features from other wine enthusiasts experiences. Visit and rate your winery stops to inform fellow travelers of your experiences.

Fun Interactive Winery Experiences

Turn your living room into a tasting room with our Virtual Tastings. Sit back and relax from the comfort of home while our wine expert guides you through a fun interactive wine tasting experience.

Private Luxury Concierge Services

Whether you are planning a wedding, a weekend getaway or just taking a last minute day trip to sip wine and relax, we can help you locate a destination and plan your visit.